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Latest reviews of BUG MUSIC:

Library Journal Best Five Science Books of the Year


LA Magazine Best Music Books for People Who Would Never Buy a Music Book


“an enchanting foray into the polyrhythmic swirls of the entomological soundscape.”          —Nature

“Playing saxophone while covered in cicadas?  Is this rational behavior?”
                  —Diane Rehm, The Diane Rehm Show

“A wonderful amalgam of what we appreciate about insects,… not just the scientific part but also the aesthetic part, the human part, the part where we're connecting with another organism.”
                 —The Wall Street Journal


"The shrieks, bleats, and moans of his clarinet forge a notional call-and-response with the beasts

of air and sea."       —Nick Paumgarten, The New Yorker

"Bug Music encompasses an incredible breadth of scale, from the great… to the very, very small.”
                —Mark Pilkington, The Wire

"How could anyone fail to love a book filled with such fascinating details?"       The Globe and Mail


"Bug Music uncovers musical wonders and mysteries on every page."            —Los Angeles Times

“This engaging and thought-provoking book challenges our understanding of our place in nature and our relationship to the creatures surrounding us, and makes a passionate case for the interconnectedness of species.”

                —The Guardian

“One of the most creative and optimistic of all respondents to the threat of a silent spring.”

               —Evelyn Juers, Sydney Review of Books 

​“A fascinating guided tour of the stridulating and thrumming avant-gardes of the insect world.”
               —Simon Reynolds,


“As a writer, Rothenberg is not known for his restraint….  If his reach sometimes exceeds his grasp, so what?"        —Orion

BUG MUSIC on radio and podcast:

on Radiolab

the Clocktower Gallery's ArtOnAir

​on WNYC Soundcheck

a New York Times Science Podcast


on the Public Radio Exchange


a FreeMusicEd podcast


on Skeptically Speaking


on WHYY Radio Times

on the Diane Rehm Show

in a Chronogram podcast with John Cooley

KPFA's Coyote Network News

on the Insect News Network

on Gil Roth's Virtual Memories

on Clear Spot on Resonance FM

on To the Best of Our Knowledge

on the web:

in the New York Times

a New York Times video

on PBS News Hour


in USA Today

in the New Yorker

on the Ableton Live website

in the Red Bull Music Academy webzine


in the Newark Star Ledger

in the Sydney Review of Books


in the Chronogram


on WQXR online

in the Highlands Current

in the Huffington Post

Here is a review of our Insect Music Festival in New York sponsored by Ear to the Earth.


  Illustration from The New Yorker,  June 26, 2013

                                                     by Tom Bachtell

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