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David Rothenberg plays live with 13-year cicadas by the shores of Lake Springfield, Illinois.

Magicicada: an art installation by Tessa Farmer with sound by David Rothenberg at the Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

Trailer for the upcoming film "Song of the Cicadas" by Richard Robinson, based on the book Bug Music.  Help us finish this film here.

2016 video with Lucie Vítková and

the cicadas south of Cleveland

NJIT video of Rothenberg on cicadas, ending with live iPad cicada duet

Rothenberg jams with cicadas in Metuchen for the New York Times

Most lyrical and beautiful cicada music video yet by Prehensile Productions

Rothenberg jamming with cicadas in New Paltz for PBS News Hour

Rothenberg live in Connecticut jamming with cicadas for FOX-TV

Website designed by Umru Rothenberg

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